Pick a policy area, any policy area in Australia, that you believe conforms to the concept of a wicked problem. First, explain why this issue is a wicked problem. Then, address one (or more, if you wish) of the following sets of questions:


  • How has the policy problem been affected by policy feedback? Does policy feedback contribute to the problem’s wickedness?
  • Is insufficient policy capacity a factor in the problem’s wickedness? Would increased policy capacity help tame the problem? Make sure to define exactly what you mean by policy capacity and how it relates to the problem.
  • How is evidence (or a lack thereof) a factor in the wickedness of this policy problem? If more evidence were available, would that make the problem less wicked?
  • How would improved deliberation affect the problem’s wickedness?
  • Is political time a factor contributing to the wickedness of the problem? Explain how, and also explain what can be done about this.


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