For this assignment the student is to critically analyse ageism among health care professionals from texts, readings and journal articles. Analysis of this area incident/culture using the relevant and appropriate literature is required. The method of critique and analysis will allow the formulation of an argument and possible strategies to support a change in the culture or practice.
Ageism among health care professionals.
Please follow this Rubric;

• Introduction to the area of study and the literature reviewed.
• Critique of research articles and use of a tool to critically review the articles.
• Integration of the review into a relevant body of work under the study area.
• Appropriate paraphrasing and demonstration of understanding.
• Demonstration of conceptual thinking of the topic material at a high level of abstraction.
• Establishing significance of studies’ findings relating to evidence based practice.
• Effective and succinct summary of the main findings of the critique process, area of study and implications for practice.
• Organised and structured presentation.
• Appropriate headings.
• Use Harvard AGPS 6th edition reference style.
• References should be from 2011 to 2016.

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