Аgеnсy-Сliеnt Rеlаtiоnshiрs – Саsе Study Rероrt + Сrеаtivе Briеf

Select an advertising campaign and review it based upon the following headings (using a variety of sources). Apply APA or Harvard referencing.

1. Background/Introduction
• Who is the client/brand?
• What are the problems or opportunity faced with their brand/product/service?
• Include any research findings (if available)

2. Overview of the agency
• Which agency was hired to develop the campaign?
• Provide an overview of this agency’s key strengths

3. Objectives
• What were the overall communication and marketing/business objectives?

4. Creative concept/idea, execution and tactics employed
• What was specifically developed and initiated?
• Who were generally targeted?
• Review the common themes/thread from various sources of the merits/ advantages of the campaign
• Any conclusions or lessons learnt?
• Any other common views/opinions?

5. Evaluation and monitoring
• What were the measures put in place to monitor the success of the campaign?
• Outline the results or outcomes achieved

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