Analytical Essay (3000 words)


The major component of the assessment for the topic is an analytical essay in which you

examine two public policy case studies in the light of models, concepts and theories about

public policy covered in the topic. The case studies can be chosen either broadly or more

specifically – for example, at the broad level, trade, housing, welfare, education or health

policy in different jurisdictions, or, at the more specific level, issues like the impact of freetrade

policy in particular economic sectors; social inclusion policy and its impact in different

policy arenas; or questions of payment and fees for higher education in different countries.

The essential task is for you to analyse the differences between the two case studies in the

light of ideas and debates about one of the broad dimensions of public policy covered in the

curriculum. These dimensions include for example:

 explanations of agenda setting in public policy;

 issues surrounding policy coordination;

 different approaches to policy analysis;

 perspectives on policy implementation;

 issues in the choice of policy instruments; or

 issues in decision making.

An examination and analysis of the differences between the case studies in light of debates

about the chosen dimension is required.

In undertaking your analysis, you will need to make some careful decisions in the choice of

policy case studies and the broad dimension being examined to ensure a manageable and

coherent focus for the essay.




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