Аviаtiоn Ассidеnt Rероrt

For this project, you are to assume that you are an NTSB aviation investigator assigned to Washington D.C. The purpose of this assignment will be for you to produce a full accident report. You should follow the outline of an aviation accident report as found in Aircraft Accident Investigation Chapter 38, Section 3. Your report should contain Facts, Analysis, Conclusions (including Findings and Causes), and Recommendations. Due to budgetary constraints, you will not travel to the accident scene. The on-site investigation will be completed by a local FAA inspector from the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). You will receive updates from the field investigation, along with other pieces of possible information regarding the accident. From these information sources, you will have to construct the accident report.

Wood, R. H. & Sweginnis, R. W. (2006). Aircraft Accident Investigation, 2nd Edition. Casper, WY: Endeavor.

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