Маnаging Rеsоurсеs

You are asked by your line manager to consider the implementation of a project that will improve fire safety awareness amongst young children of primary school age of Brighton(uk). The project’s aim is to meet objectives outlined in the latest national Risk Management plan. Your review should include identification of the issues of resource management and human resource management for the project.
Proposed project: child fire safety awareness
The aim is to educate primary school children on fire safety.
The project will require you to :
– Recruit two new full time staff to deliver the project to act as community safety practitioners.
– Consider financial and physical resource costs
– Resource and procure materials/staff for the project .
– Identify how the project could be evaluated
– Discuss how principles of operational assurance can be applied.
The learning outcomes to be assessed by this assignment are:
1. Critical assessment of the principles of resource management.
2. Analysis of the human resource management in the fire and rescue service.
3. Application of the principles of management of financial and physical resources in the fire service.
4. Analysis of the procurement processes in the fire and rescue service.
5. Discussion and application of the principles of Operational Assurance and Evaluation.


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