• Assessment Details Students are required to compile 3 examples of actual international marketing pieces that are excellent examples of clear understanding of international market environment and applied effective and innovative solutions that lead them to success or demonstrated to have been successful in that international context. Along the same line, students are also required to compile 3 examples of unsuccessful or failed international marketing solutions that caused by lacking of clear understanding of the principles of international marketing by the respective practitioners. You can choose any element/aspect of the marketing mix (for example, it may be related to product design/customization, media selection, distribution channel, advertising themes/messages, PR, environmental regulation issues etc). Whatever you choose (you can either choose one single theme such as product customization or multiple themes such as packaging and international pricing for those examples), you need to relate the samples to relevant marketing theories/principles and demonstrate the ability to critically reflect and provide personal evaluations of their marketing practices from the international perspective you are gaining from this course.


  • Criteria used to grade this task This individual assignment will be assessed against the following criteria:
  • Your understanding and interpretation of the contexts you examined
  • Your ability to research, analyze, evaluate and synthesise information from a wide variety of sources in a planned and efficient manner.
  • Your ability to link theory to practice
  • The clarity and coherence of your reflection and arguments
  • The practicality, effectiveness and logic of any recommendations

• The clarity and succinctness of the written report

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