Маrkеting Рlаn оf IKЕА

Marketing Plan (30%)
You are required to form a group of 4-5 students for marketing plan analysis and report. The formation of the group will be finalized in the first two sessions. Formation of the group is the responsibility of the students. You are expected to form the group at your own initiative. However, the lecturer may help in forming groups, if needed. Please write a report 1.5 spaced about 25-30 pages maximum (including references) Times New Roman 12 font. Each case analysis and report should include the following sections:
1. Executive Summary
Introduction. State the background information, current situation facing the firm and other relevant issues.
3. Strategic Marketing Objectives and Target Market: Objectives of the marketing plan, marketing strategies, target markets and major marketing problem and issues.
4. Environmental Analysis: Identify the broader situation affecting the company including demographics, technology, innovation, economic characteristics and forces of change and attractiveness of the industry.
5. Competitor Analysis. Identify the market share, profitability, growth, share price etc. You can show information specific to the company as well as comparing with competitors. Show financial reports in comparing competitors. Present information using various types of graphs, figure, pie charts etc. You do not need to write about other companies’ mission, objectives, marketing strategy etc.
6. Internal/ SWOT Analysis. Identify the firm’s resources, capabilities, core competencies, value chain activities, financial condition, current marketing strategies and objectives and SWOT analysis.
7. Recommendations. Provide alternative marketing strategies and recommend specific strategies.
8. Conclusion. Write final conclusion.

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