DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF ASSIGNMENT Your task in this assessment is to analyse a case study in pairs that provides a critique of the issues in the case. It should be approximately 3,000-3,500 words in length. It is important to write your case study in a flowing format, ensuring the topics raised in any questions at the end of case studies are answered, but importantly do not write the case study in a question:answer format. The case study you will need to address is: Marketing Plan for Tourism Macedon Ranges Your marketing plan will include the following elements: • An executive summary of your marketing plan • Background analysis of your business and market • Marketing objective(s) • Define the customer o Are you going to segment and target a specific group, or mass market? Note that some marketing plans focus only on a specific segment that will be targeted for maximum growth. If this is the case, you will need to outline this segment and justify why this one has been chosen. If you have decided not to focus on a specific segment, you will need to justify this decision instead. • Marketing mix tactics o This includes the tactical elements you will use to carry out your strategy and reach your market • Conclusion o In here you should summarise the key elements of your assignment: what was the objective, how did you propose to solve it

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