At the end of this file there is marking guide please read it carefully and for this topic I’m studying human resource management, so the work I will have is on HR department



  • Assessment Details


Topic 2

Identify a job that you would like to have five years after you graduate. Obtain a job description for this job. From the job description identify the knowledge and skills you will need in order to be able to do the job. Your task is to plan an HRD program to prepare you for this job.

The learning task

Compile a HRD portfolio (collection of items) comprising information and items that will be useful in your HRD program. They may include:

  • Your own learning experiences, including exercises and activities you did in tutorials in semester 1 in HRM or Management Principles; and
  • Exercises and activities suitable for supervision/management development; or
  • Exercises and activities suitable for preparing you for your selected job.


Exercises and activities should be both classroom based and ‘on the job’. These can include role plays, case studies, management games, job rotation, understudy programs.

For topic 1, you will need to list the attributes of an effective manager and select the exercises and activities that will develop each attribute.

For topic 2, you will need to list the knowledge and skills needed for your selected job and select the exercises and activities that will provide the knowledge and develop the skills.

Discuss the chosen exercises and activities and how you will use them relative to the principles of learning. A minimum of five cited academic sources are required.

  • Criteria used to grade this task

Marking guide is included at the end of this document.


  • Task Assessor



  • Suggested time to devote to this task

A minimum of eight hours preparation time should be devoted to this task.


  • Submission details

The assignment will be submitted via Moodle on Friday of week 4.


  • Feedback and return of work

Feedback will be returned to students via Moodle two weeks after submission.


Additional Resources:

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