Оrgаnisаtiоnаl Bеhаviоur

Assessment Description
.Description: Values shape our motivations, attitudes and perceptions therefore understanding values is
important in understanding how individuals behave in the organisational setting. Write an essay discussing
“The role and impact of individual values in organisations”.
Your essay should discuss:
• What we mean by values.
• How we can classify values.
• What the contributors to the development of our individual values might be.
• How our values direct our motivation and decision and actions.
• How individuals’ different values influence in the organisational settings.
• Why the information you have found important to know, especially for people who are working in
The Essay requires:
• A thorough research and treatment of the contemporary literature in the topic area.
• A range of references that should demonstrate breadth and depth of research.
• The incorporation of personal/organisational examples as illustrative evidence.
• An ability to utilise the wider literature in constructing the narrative is displayed throughout.
• A display of critical evaluation and diagnostic skills in the choice of the data included.
• A display of critical evaluation in the choice of the information sources used.
• Appropriate and accurate use of the Harvard Referencing System.
You must use a minimum of 10 references:
• Text books :The prescribed text and at least 2 other text books
• 6 different academic journal articles
• 1 other source of your choice: Blog, newspaper, magazine or other Internet source
• No more than 1 reference may be general Internet based sources.
• Wikipedia is not to be used and does not count as an academic reference.

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