Рrасtiсаl Аssеssmеnt WНS сhесklist/ Firе Еvасuаtiоn / Inсidеnt Rероrt Quiz

Finish the WHS checklist and the incident report. Then answer the questions below.



Where did you do the inspection?

(Insert answers here)



What date did you do the inspection?

(Insert answers here)



Please upload proof you did the inspection. i.e. a photo or photocopy of the inspections. Also please give the hard copy to your trainer to be attached to your cover sheet.

(Insert answers here)



Did you participate in an AHTS fIre Evacuation drill?

If Yes.

What happened?

What is the importance of having drills?

No. (Type answers for the highlighted question here)



Fire Evacuation drill case study


Approximately 200 to 300 words for question 1 and 3, and provide the official incident report of the story as an extra attached pdf or word file.


Please answer all 3 questions one by one

  1. Write below a story where someone is injured.

(Insert answer here)


  1. Upload a filled in incident report to document this injury.

(Please provide a PDF or word document of the official incident report)


  1. What might you need to do now (as management) to prevent this from happening again.

(Insert answer here)


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