Antonio Renaldi, 78 migrated from Italy in 1955. Antonio worked as a market gardener since his arrival on a 1-hectare site near the highway. His property has recently subdivided and Antonio had been experiencing moderate to severe short-term memory loss.
Most recently, Antonio experienced depression, early waking and social withdrawal from his family. Following psychogeriatric assessment including a Mini-mental assessment (score 22/30) and a CT brain, full bloods were taken. After full assessment he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s’ disease.
Discuss the following in relation to this case:
• Outline the incidence/ prevalence of Alzheimers in Australia. There are various types of dementia, critically discuss at least three (3) different types of dementia including causes and progression cycle.
• In relation to the case study critically discuss the implications to nursing and interprofessional practice when caring for people diagnosed with the varying stages of the condition. Support this discussion with current evidence based literature.
Note: Both Alzheimer’s and Dementia are mentioned in these questions as Alzheimer is a form of dementia.

Structure and presentation:
This assignment is a piece of academic writing and needs to be structured as such, with an introduction and conclusion. You may use sub-headings as needed. It is a requirement of this assignment that 12 or more current relevant policies, practice guidelines, academic literatures, and peer reviewed evidenced based sources (other than the prescribed texts) are referred to in your work.
Use the marking criteria to guide you with respect to aspects of presentation and formatting of this assignment.

Prescribed books:
1. Bullock, S. & Hales, M. Principles of Pathophysiology. Pearson, Australia Chapter 9
2. Human Anatomy and Physiology
Marieb, E.N. and Hoehn, K., Pearson Education 9th ed. 2013
3.Clinical Dosage Calculations for Australia and New Zealand
Borotto, V. and Kafferty, K., Cengage 2011

4.Fundamentals of Pharmacology
Bullock, S. and Manias, E., Pearson 7th ed. 2013

5.Lewis’s Medical-surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems
Brown, D. and Edwards, H., Elsevier 4th ed. 2014

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