Соnsumеr Dесisiоn-mаking – Intеrnаl Fасtоrs

Assignment Question:
1. Please select the same product/service (or a number of products/services or a combination of both) from assignment one, and discuss the influence of different ‘Internal Factors’ on a consumer’s decision-making process for that product or service.
2. You are expected to discuss about product/service selection in relevance to consumer needs and motivation; personality and self-concept; consumer perception; consumer learning and involvement; and consumer attitude development and change.
3. The discussion need to be closely linked to the chosen product/service’s marketing mix elements; marketing strategy (segmentation, targeting and positioning) and consumer decision-making process.
4. The discussion needs to include information related to the diffusion of innovations and social change.
5. Obviously some theories and concepts in Chapters 6-11 will be more relevant to this assignment.
6. You must choose which ones are more relevant and explain why they are more relevant.
7. You must apply the concepts and theories you have learned from your reading of the text to the selected product/service and consumer decision-making process and not just list or describe them.
In your answer you must argue for why the internal factors you have chosen are more important in terms of influencing a consumer’s decision-making for your example/s product or service than the ones you haven’t chosen. In other words, you need to demonstrate that you understand the influence that these factors are having on a consumer, decide which are more influential than others and explain why they are more influential. You must also include the impact of the concept of involvement in your discussion.
You must use correct referencing of the textbook and other resources used in your assignment to pass the assignment. Use of more references may attract higher marks. Marks will be deducted for incorrect referencing and poor presentation (ie., spelling and grammar). If there is no referencing in your assignment it will be deemed to be plagiarism and the plagiarism policy will be enforced. You will receive a higher mark for applying a critical analysis to your discussion.

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