сhаngе оr strаtеgiс dеvеlорmеnt асtivity

The project involves a change or strategic development activity in your workplace, ideally one in which you are involved. It is also possible to study an activity in another organisation if you can gain access Assignment instructions
1. Find a company that has undergone a change
2. The change should NOT be a marketing change like re-branding or introducing of a new product. It must be a change in MANAGEMENT
3. Company background
4. Identify the change and why it happened
5.include the SWOT ANALYSIS, Strategy theories, and strategy elements if any
7.Analyse strategically and provide recommendations
8.Include some appendixes
9. References
Report Structure
i) Introduction (approximate word count – 10%) Introduce the project and your own learning goals for this project. Identify the broad areas or questions from this unit that will be addressed. (related unit material is attached)
ii) Background (10%) Explain the origins and goals of the activity from the organisation’s perspective.
iii) Method (5%) Describe how you researched the strategy or change activity. Where did the information come from – literature search, documents, personal knowledge, interviews, questionnaire, observation?
iv) Findings (65%) What did you learn about strategy or change? How does this case illustrate the principles and practices of this unit? What did they do well in your opinion, and what could have been improved? Can the theories and ideas of this unit be improved by what you learned? (I have attached related unit material)
v) Conclusion and Reflection (10%) Summarise your learning and how you might use it in your future work. Include anything you may need to learn in conducting similar activities.
The main resources are information from a real organisation and the readings and materials of this unit.
You must reference all ideas that are not your own, even when paraphrasing or re-stating those ideas in your own words. As you will be assessed on your own learning, arguments and viewpoint, it should be clear which are your ideas and how they build on others’

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