Сritiсаlly аssеss а рареr

Critical Assessment

➣ No details on the sandwich immunoassays

➣ First 2 paragraphs of ‘Results and Discussion’ should be in


➣ State ‘complex interactions of the particles render analytical

calculations of the forces very complex’ – soft option!

➣ Assume viscous drag on the particle in negligible

➣ Figure 2 caption, ‘Fmag’ should be ‘Fdrag’

➣ Inconsistent and confusing terminology – ‘bead’ versus ‘particle’

versus ‘microparticle’

➣ Significance of the work is not enunciated (none in ‘Introduction’)

➣ Loading of the analyte not considered – saturation level

➣ Loading of analyte may affect interfacial tension of the beads

➣ Manipulation of liquids via patterned surface chemistry – doesn’t fit



Systematic approach

➣ What is the problem(s) – succinctly defined?

➣ Is the background information appropriate?

➣ Are the references relevant to the problem(s)?

➣ Too many self citations?

➣ Is the experimental design detailed enough, and systematic?

➣ Are there missing control experiments?

➣ Consistent terminology?

➣ Adequate characterization – complementary methods?

➣ Is there sufficient detail for reproducing the work?

➣ What is the take home message, and is it well defined?

➣ Do the claims stand up to scientific scrutiny?

➣ Are approximations justified?

➣ If you were a referee for this paper, would you recommend

publication in the journal, possibly after minor or major revision?

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