“The Internet is cited as a powerful technological revolution that affects all aspects of business. Businesses accomplish their goals by moving beyond automating their existing processes and reaching a wider customer base, business partners and regulatory bodies such as governments by engaging most efficiently with them through the Internet and mobile technologies. Mobile technology provides organizations with a platform that enables them to access their customers in different ways. Mobile technologies, including mobile applications, devices, networks and content management systems have become catalysts for changes to customer relations, creation of customer groups, inventory management processes and also deep organizational structure changes within the business.”

Required: answer the following questions in context of the above quote.

a) Do you agree that all aspects of business processes are impacted on by technological change? Discuss.

b) List and discuss the benefits and constraints of large organisations adopting Cloud Computing. Provide real world examples for each benefit and constraint you have listed.

c) Explain how mobile technologies provide organisations with a competitive edge over their competitors. Provide real world examples of mobile technologies (via the cloud) being used by organisations.

d) Discuss the role and responsibilities of an accountant in today’s organisation that adopts technological change.

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