a television documentary on an organisation behaviour topic

You have been asked to prepare an idea for a thirty-minute television documentary on an organisation behaviour topic.
You have to prepare a report on what you will include in the documentary for the producer and director.
You must include:
A clear statement of what the documentary is about.
The theoretical context for the documentary – what are the main academic and analytical concerns around your idea.
A clear statement of your point of view, that is to say the approach you are taking to the documentary subject.
The body of the documentary – why the issue is interesting enough to make viewers want to watch it, what is new or different about it. Examples of the issues you are considering should also be included.
A conclusion.
You can choose a topic under any of the headings from the lecture programme:
• Managerialism and the rise of management in all our lives
• Culture
• Motivation
• Change
• Learning
• Leadership and teamworking
• Gender and sexuality
• Current issues in OB (to be discussed in the lecture)

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