About the tourism motivation of the America market to visit Zermatt in winter

Please write research proposal about “About the tourism motivation of the America market to visit Zermatt in winter”.
Title page: (no pictures) state the title of your dissertation; your name; the course you are studying; the school you study at; and the date.
Abstract: there should be an abstract, in which you should state the main points from your Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Analysis and Conclusions, in roughly 100 to 200 words.
Acknowledgements: This section is written to provide you with an opportunity to thank anyone that helped you through the process of your dissertation.
Contents Page: here you should list all headings and Sub-headings of your work on the left hand side of the page and opposite the headings, you should state which page they appear on – (on the right hand side of the page). Do not put this information into a table.
Chapter 1: Introduction: Your introduction should outline the purpose of your research and introduce the research topic you have chosen to study. At the end of the introduction, you should state your aim and objectives (see my comments above regarding this).
Chapter 2: Literature Review: In this section, you should provide a review of relevant literature relating to your research topic. Here, you might try to identify a model for evaluating your chosen research topic (in relation to your aim and objectives)
Chapter 3: Methodology: Your methodology should explain the research methods you chose to carry out your research. This section should include the following:
Secondary Research:
– State the sources of information that were available to you;
– State the sources of information you used, eg. books, journal articles, newspapers, etc.
– State where you got the sources from, eg, On-line, or in the SMU library, etc.
– State why you chose to use these sources and not others.
Primary Research:
– State the primary research methods that you could have used;
– State and explain the methods you chose to use and why you chose them over others available;
– explain what/who your research population was and how you selected a sample of respondents from this population (in doing this, you may also wish to consider the validity of your chosen sample in relation to the population of respondents available).
Presentation and Analysis of Findings:
– Explain how your findings (in Chapter 4) were presented, eg, in tables, graphs, diagrams, etc, or in continuous prose, eg, case-study form;
– Explain how you analysed your findings (in chapter 4) eg, cross-tabulation of findings; comparing and contrasting findings; comparing theory with findings; etc.
State what experiences you had that limited your performance in carrying out your research.
Chapter 4: Results and Analysis: Present your findings and analysis in accordance with what you said you would do in your methodology under the section headed Presentation and Analysis of Findings.
Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendations: State the main conclusions from your research and state whether you managed to achieve your aim and objectives or not. Question whether there is potential to further develop the area of research you have studied, etc.
You should also provide headings for each of these sections to allow the reader to identify where one section begins and another ends. This will also be indicated in your Contents page, as explained above.

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