Abstract and Literature Review

Aim: To write an abstract which describes the important parts of your research plan and to review at least 5 important and journal articles relevant to your research plan. This must be based around extending the research outlined in the journal paper you have selected at the start of the course.
In undertaking this exercise, you must demonstrate the following:
• Technical knowledge of the research topic
• A brief research plan in the abstract including a research hypothesis, an outline of the research methods to be used, and the statistical methods needed to prove your hypothesis,
• A literature review of at least 5 references which have been carefully analysed.
• A correctly formatted list of references.
You must demonstrate an understanding of the lecture material and the workshops conducted during the course and feedback from workshops. Obvious inconsistencies with the lecture material will degrade the final score significantly.
Outline: The assignment can be written on plain paper with a neat format. It is not necessary to use the temple. Write in paragraphs and do not use dot points. The final version must be converted to *.pdf and submitted with your name in the title of the file.
Do not include any figures, plots, diagrams etc.
The Assessment Plan (maximum score 15):
• Up to 5 marks for a well written abstract (relevant information, hour-glass logical approach, clear sentence structure, maximum of 200 words,
• Up to 5 marks for a well written literature review (relevant information, clear sentence structure, clear understanding of outcomes reported, proper in-text reference technique, past tense, quantitative information, maximum 250 words)
• Up to 5 marks for the reference list (including correct formatting, important relevant details including full author list, paper title, journal title, volume, issue and page numbers, year of publication etc).

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