acquiring an existing business through outright purchase

ssume for the purposes of this assignment that you wish to enter the world of entrepreneurship through a direct route by buying an existing business or buying a franchise.

Your task is to analyse either:

a) acquiring an existing business through outright purchase


b) acquiring an existing business through the buying of a franchise.

The purpose of this assignment is to see whether you have analysed the options for becoming an entrepreneur.

Use principles/concepts of entrepreneurship to write a report ensuring that you:

Provide a brief description of the industry and market you wish to enter. Explain why you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and include any relevant business, or other experience that is suitable, in your answer.
Through analysis, consider the positioning of your product/service in the market and the options for resourcing the business.
Provide recommendations as to whether or not you will acquire the business. The recommendations should follow logically from your analysis.

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