The pre workshop assignment requires you to prepare a report that examines a risk that eventuated on a project that you were involved with. The risk that you will be examining can be from previous work experience or a social project you were involved with. You will only be examining one risk, not several risks that impacted a single project. You will need to select a major risk that came to fruition, and then reflect upon and critically analyse the quality of the risk management that was utilised. The risk that is selected needs to be considered substantial relative to the project.

 As part of the reflection students will need to select and read three (3) journal articles from the recommended texts listed in the Subject Outline. Students will use the readings to help formulate their opinion as to level of quality of the risk management that was utilised. The reflection upon the quality of the risk management should occur after having completed the readings.

 Assignment Structure

 Students will briefly describe a project that they were previously involved with and then provide a succinct description of a risk associated with the project. Again, the risk that will be described will be one that actually came to fruition.

In the body of the report students will reflect on the quality of the risk management that was utilised on the risk they have selected. The reflection will require the students to critically think about the management of the risk as it relates to the articles that they have read from the recommended text list. Because the articles vary in nature (i.e. case studies, theory, risk management model development, etc.), students will need to provide context for how the article impacted their judgement as to the quality of the risk management that was undertaken.

 The conclusion should be brief and provide a summary of the inferences that were drawn after reading the texts and were that previously discussed in the body of the report.


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