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Alibaba – Technology behind Business



Report on the following questions on (B2B public e-Marketplace).


You will need to read and use the articles and publications, as posted on iLearn.


  1. List and analyse the major services provided by com
  2. What is com competitive advantage?
  3. What is com positioning in the market?
  4. Explain the online business model and strategy  as employed (provide screenshots/examples where appropriate).
  5. How is com online e-business marketing strategy innovative?
  6. What are the business motivations for buying on com? 
  7. What is the contribution of com to global trade? What are some of the potential limitations?
  8. What is the main pricing method used by com?


·        Formal academic writing style required·        Proof reading (spelling, grammar) is essential

·        References according to Harvard Referencing style

·        Scholarly work must be included

·        10 page report (inc. Table of Contents), plus references and appendix.

·        Using the Harvard referencing system.

·        The report is to be typed and 1.5 spaced (a standard 12 point font ).



Suggested structure for the report:

  1. Executive Summary
    2. Introduction
    3. Theory and Concepts (Use case studies as examples) 4. Key Findings / Discussion of your research topic
    5. Recommendations and conclusions
    6. Reference list (Harvard Referencing Method)
    7. Appendices
    Report Assessment Criteria

Critical Analysis 30%

Depth of Issues Covered 30%

Recommendations 20%

Report Style 10%

Referencing 10%

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