an environmental analysis of an Australian based organisation (preferably ASX listed)

Management Analysis


Written report of an environmental analysis of an Australian based organisation (preferably ASX listed), considering company structure, leadership style, major stakeholders, management strategies in relation to Innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.



  • Worth 40%
  • 2500 words Maximum word limit is 2500+10%. Word count include Introduction to Conclusions Required a formal report format
  • Times New Roman 12 point font, double line spacing
  • Harvard referencing- 15-20 references expected 75% academic references and 25% other references
  • Aim: Conduct a management analysis of Boost juice
  • Starting your assignment
  • Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and international business landscape: (10%) Conduct an industry research and use market information to analysis
  • Competitive advantage/s of the company (10%) Always use theory and then the practical implications
  • Research, analysis and discussion of sustainability related strategies and issues: (30%) *relate to sustainability practices of The Boost Juice when you analyse each What are/is the relevant theory+ practice+ sustainability?
  • Human resource management practices at the company (10%) · Role of international business at the company (10%)
  • Role of technology management at the company (10%)
  • Analysis of entrepreneurship and innovation at the company (15%) Look at history of Boost juice- Look at who is the foundermotivation to start up the business Role of innovation
  • Future strategies management should engage in (identify 3 major strategies based on the previous analysis of the company) (25%) Your recommendations and conclusions based on your analysis
  • Professional writing and English expression (10%) Proper report format Proper referencing


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