analyse the marketing strategies of an organisation and provide recommendations

You are required to analyse the marketing strategies of an organisation and provide recommendations, utilising theory and literature to support your argument.

A number of organisations/ suggested topics will be placed on Moodle


  • Executive summary (1 – 2 page summary of the whole plan)
  • Introduction
  • Objectives of the Marketing Plan & Major Marketing Problem/ issues. Make sure objectives are SMART
  • Company Description/ Background of the organisation
  • The environments that impact on the organisation
  • Technology
  • Government regulations
  • Legal Changes
  • Social / Cultural Changes
  • Climate (if applicable – eg outdoor restaurant)
  • Other?
  • Competitor Analysis & Competitive Advantage of the organisation (SWOT Analysis?)
  • Target market segments/ Segmentation
  • Recommendations for product, price including breakeven point, promotion and place / distribution. Note: for those participating in the competition, all of these are important, but you will place most emphasis on the promotion topic.
  • A budget for implementing your strategies – revenue and costs

It is assumed that all students put into the assignment the same amount and quality of work and will receive the same mark.

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