analysis of a destination – Brazil



Assignment 3 – Project: analysis of a destination – Brazil

(This assignment must make use of the article you summarised for


Components of the assignment

In writing your assignment you are required to provide a response to the

following tasks.

1. Provide a map of Brazil which includes the following information:

a. The Atlantic Ocean

b. The countries that border Brazil

c. The Amazon River

d. The capital city of Brazil

e. Rio de Janeiro

f. Salvador

g. Sao Paolo

h. Olinda

2. Explain how and why Brazil became an important destination for

travellers and tourists.

3. Why are the Iguacu (Iguazu) falls an important tourist attraction in

Brazil? What kinds of activities are available for tourists who visit the

Iguacu (Iguazu) falls?

4. Explain how tourists will experience Brazil’s cultural diversity when they

visit the following places:

a. Olinda

b. Liberdade

c. Cachoeria

5. Describe the Rio Carnaval (Carnival) and the role of the Samba Schools

in its development. How can tourists participate in the Carnival?

6. Describe how a well-informed tour guide would describe the variety of

architectural styles in Iticare.

7. Describe favela tourism. Why can it be referred to as the

commodification of poverty?

8. How has tourism helped to bring about cultural revival for the Pataxo

people of Bahia?

9. Using the Kayapo of the Amazon jungle as your example, how does

tourism enable tourists to know ‘the Other’?

10. What role does Copacabana Beach play in creating Brazil’s image?

11. What are the positive and negative effects of staging mega-events in


12. Describe the kinds of ecotourism attractions Brazil has developed and

assess the impacts of ecotourism on the local people.

13. Describe three kinds of gastronomic experiences (food and drink

experiences) available for tourists in Brazil.

14. Describe the kinds of transport tourists use to visit Brazil and to travel

within Brazil. This includes the kinds of transport experiences tourist

can have if they visit the following attractions:

a. The Igauca (Igauzu) falls

b. Sugarloaf Mountain

c. The Amazon

15. Describe the kinds of accommodation available to tourists in Brazil. In

addition to the usual kinds of tourist accommodation, you should also

include pousadas and jungle lodges in your description.

16. Design an original brochure showing some of the attractions referred to

in these assignment details.

17. Write a list of references showing the sources of information you have

used in the preparation of this assignment.

18. Write a list of references showing the images you have used in the

preparation of this assignment.

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