Analysis of their current marketing communications and the critical issues surrounding your product/brand/service

For your final assignment you will be required to select your own brand/product/service and develop a folio comprised of two sections:

Part A)

Analysis of their current marketing communications and the critical issues surrounding your product/brand/service

Part B)

Development of an integrated marketing communications strategy to address any problems and opportunities identified in your Part A.


Part A) Analysis and Issue Overview

This section requires that you critically analyse the communication strategy of your product/brand/service across relevant platforms, by engaging with key theoretical and conceptual approaches introduced during the semester. Using these theories and approaches, identify the main issues with, and critically reflect on the effectiveness of the communications strategy. You may wish to consider, for example, the role of:

– Media Power and the new dynamics of media influence in post-broadcast media spaces

– Ideology and cultural production of social knowledge and social value

– Audience engagement: Produsers and fandom in convergent media practices

– Uses of Identity and constructions of the authentic self in post-feminist cultures

– Uses of celebrity and their brand value within the campaign

– Communications delivery and management of brand across convergent media spaces

– Globalisation, glocalisation, and the development of cultural narratives in global media markets

– Ownership and distribution platforms, privacy and piracy in converging media practices and spaces

* You may include some textual analysis (if appropriate) to articulate key conceptual issues in the communication strategies under analysis, but be careful not to simply repeat the textual analysis assignment.




Part B) Development of Communications Strategy and Plan

Next, you are required to develop a marketing communications strategy to address some of the problems and issues you have discussed.

Get creative, and get professional! Make this as real-world and practical as possible. More importantly, make it a culmination of the past 12 weeks of work and learning.  Make this something to be proud of, to show off.

Do not simply copy an existing marketing campaign plan. This will be considered plagiarism. If you come across a campaign plan or communications plan for the organisation, you need to update and improve it, and contribute some original thought in doing so. Part of your marks for this assignment is in your insightfulness and originality, so please be aware of this when designing your marketing plan.



Your Folio Should Contain:



**Word counts are approximate and a guide only


Part A


Analysis and Issue Overview (2000 words)

Treat this as a mini essay – dissecting the main themes present in your chosen brand or product with respect to the topics mentioned above. Be holistic in your discussion: this should be a critical reflection and should incorporate a variety of critical readings and concepts.




Problems and opportunities statement 
A summary of the main findings of your Part A with the key points most relevant for your upcoming communications plan formulation.




Part B


Marketing Communications Strategy (2000 words)


  • Objectives
What are the objectives that grew out of the problems and opportunities statement in your analysis? What are we trying to achieve? Make sure you include some reference to communications and messaging objectives specifically here.
  • Target Market Analysis
Revisit the lecture content and readings to describe and justify an appropriate target market and segment(s) your communications plan will be focusing on. Please include links to STP theories and approaches.
  • Overall Strategy Concept
Revisit the lecture content and readings to describe and justify an IMC Communications concept and overall messaging strategy.

Evaluation of this strategy should be included also.


  • Communications Plan

Make sure you think through what the best ways are to implement your concept selected. What creative strategies will you be using? How does the theory discussed in this course support this strategy?

Provide 2-3 viable IMC disciplines/tools and explain how a thematic communications approach could look to push your strategy. Ensure you justify everything and it’s appropriateness to your target audience and segments. Think about how these relate to your objectives stated above.

Feel free to include examples of creatives, press releases, social media examples, copywriting, radio scripts or outdoor/TVC concepts as you wish.


  • Conclusion

A short conclusion stating how your campaign helps your brand/product/service achieve their goals and why your proposal is the most appropriate.





  • Appendix
For additional information. Strictly optional. Only include if absolutely necessary. The main body may also include figures, tables, charts, creative mock ups, graphs and other forms of visual representation which form an important mechanism for communicating your ideas clearly and succinctly. Visual forms of representation add both meaning and variety to a business report and are to be encouraged. These should be embedded within the main body as close as practical to the place where they are discussed. Figures and graphs are numbered, labelled with a title and source and must be discussed in the body of the report. Make sure you reference the source with an in-text reference resolved in the list of references. Cutting and pasting graphs and charts are strongly discouraged since they typically use different formatting, numbering and style contributing to an unprofessional and cluttered presentation. Instead, you should obtain raw data and compile your own graphs taking care to use sufficient axis labels to communicate real meaning. Don’t forget a title.


Formatting requirements

We are flexible with all presentation styles, please ensure it is legible, professional and, of course, reinforced by theory.

The word count is 4000 words (plus or minus 10%), which is very tight when we look at issue discussion, analysis, and a communication plan. It is an important skill you need to acquire in marketing:  to write succinctly and sharply. You will need to be quite pithy and very judicious about including only that which is relevant to your analysis and justification. Using diligent editing and with some experience, you will soon develop skills in tight, strong and purposeful writing.

The following are NOT included in word counts:

  • Title Page
  • Contents Page
  • Footnotes
  • Charts, figures, tables and graphs
  • List of references/bibliography
  • Appendix items


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