analyze an existing social welfare policy and its corresponding social problem

Comprehensive [Policy Analysis] Assignment (Paper)
This assignment provides the opportunity to develop your research and writing skills, and to analyze an existing social welfare policy and its corresponding social problem. It’s recommended that the student will first select a social problem that he/she is interested in learning more about, and then identify a social welfare policy that has been designed to address this social problem. For example, a focus on child abuse as a social problem might lead to examination of the Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act (1974). To receive credit for the course, this assignment must be completed.
Submit a 15-25 page research paper (excluding the title, abstract, and references pages; double-spaced, conforming to APA 6th edition guidelines).
1. Title page, abstract, reference page (with at least 8 sources).
2. Description of the social problem that necessitated the introduction of the policy, its scope, who is affected, etc. (3-5 pages)
• Content Discuss the social problem that is being addressed by this policy, the scope, who is affected (especially racial and ethnic groups) and in what way. What does research say about the cause of the problem?
3. Discuss values in terms of how the problem is understood from different perspectives and how proposed solutions are related to how the problem is understood. (2-3 pages)
• Content Discuss the American social values in terms of how the problem is understood. Discuss how vulnerable populations are affected by the problem and how it is defined. Discuss the cause(s) of the problem and how opinions over proposed solutions differ based on how the problem is understood.
4. Past efforts to address the problem (2-3 pages)
• Content Discuss past efforts to address the problem, how efforts to address the problem have changed over time, and whether the current policy takes into account those efforts. Identify and discuss any demographic or shifts in public opinion that have influenced the history of this policy. Discuss if other countries faced with this same type of problem have dealt with it differently.
5. Political forces, strategies, and role of recipients in development of policy (2-3 pages)
• Content Describe the political forces that influenced the development of the policy and how political ideology is related to it. Describe the resources available to different groups and their ability to spend on support or opposition of the policy. Discuss the strategies used to get the policies passed. Describe In what ways the service recipients may have influenced the policy.
6. Description of the Policy in its current form (1-2 pages)
• Content Introduces and describes the policy in its current form. Discusses the policy’s goals and funding sources. Discusses who implements the policy, intended recipients and how it is evaluated.
7. History of amendments (1-2 pages)
Content Discuss history of amendments.
8. Effect on racial and ethnic groups (2-3 pages)
• Content Discuss the effect of the policy (intended and unintended) on racial and ethnic minority groups. Discuss to what extent the policy has contributed to a better quality of life for recipients and if it has contributed to greater social equality.
9. Analysis of efficacy of policy and recommendations (2-4 pages)
• Content Discuss the efficacy of the policy and any recommendations you would make about funding, goals, or implementation strategies.

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