Apple Marketing ethics Research proposal

Topic: Marketing ethics

Company: Apple

Paper Type: Research proposal

Word Count: 5000 words + reflective diary of 1000 words.

Module: Research methods & methodology

Course title: International Business

Referencing Style: Harvard

Educational Level: Masters (MSc)

Sources : 7-10 references per 1000 words (journals, articles, books etc.)


The proposal must be written as a detailed planning document so as to give focus to the dissertation to be written later. Thus it will include:

• Introduction
• A clear definition of the research problem
• Research aim & objectives
• Detailed list of relevant hypotheses or research questions
• Background to the study

• Literature Review
• An initial discussion on the related academic literature & theoretical underpinning relevant to the research topic
• To include a variety of academic and other secondary sources of information
• Must be correctly referenced

• Methodology
• Proposed research methods & sources of primary & secondary information to be used to address the research objectives
• Consideration of relevant research philosophy and justification of research strategies
• Sampling methods & data analysis techniques to be used

• Bibliography
• To include all sources of information, presented using the Harvard referencing system

• Dissertation Plan
• Clear timetable of activities to be completed over the course of the Dissertation.

Reflective Diary

This Reflective Diary is likely to be circa 1,000 words. It should present, in the form of weekly summaries, the personal thoughts/reflections on the thoughts, processes, readings, actions, and developments experienced and/or undertaken each week, in relation to the development of the Dissertation Proposal. The diary is meant to be a record of Personal Development and should reflect on a week by week basis how that development has taken place.

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