Appraisal at Yarra Bank

Assessment requirement

Human resources in organisations

Report – Appraisal at Yarra Bank (based on case study in Stone pp.347-348)

This written assessment is designed to assist students develop skills in the analysis of a typical

business situation based on performance management, the HR legal framework, and theories and

models relevant to contemporary people management issues. This assessment requires you to

analyse the current situation of the case study, identify and specify the organisational issues, and

provide to management practical and appropriate recommendations based on best practice people

and performance management.

The secondary purpose of this assessment is to give students the opportunity to enhance their

research, analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills; particularly in the areas of

developing argument in the context of business report writing. Your report should be 1500 words

(excluding references). Students are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic

literature and the relevant Australian HR legal framework across federal and/or state law. And

use at least five (5) references from relevant academic peer-reviewed journal articles. Read the

pp.347-348 and answer question.

Questions Include:

  1. Identify the major stakeholders and explain their likely views of the existing performance appraisal program?
  2. Identify the strength and weakness of the present program.
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