Assessment 1: Research Proposal Part A W

Assessment 1: Research Proposal Part A W

Word count: 1500 words

Aim of assessment

Details: This assessment item requires you to construct Part A of your research proposal that encompasses Steps 1 to 5. Structure and develop Part A of your proposal using the following headings and dot points as a guide

Title of Research Proposal (either QUALITATIVE OR QUANTITATIVE style)

  • Give your proposal a title that briefly summarises the topic for your research.
  • Introduction (contextualise your research)
  • Identify the nursing practice issue or problem that you have noted from your clinical nursing experience.
  • Identify concepts or variables relevant to the issue/problem and offer brief definitions of those concepts.
  • Justify the choice of your nursing practice issue or health problem (what you have observed and why it requires attention)?

Literature Review

  • Perform an extensive search of relevant databases, using recent literature. Attempt to use literature related to the topic published in the last 5 years, unless it is seminal literature ( that is work that is noted because it was ground-breaking, offered a new perspective or was from a prominent researcher in the area)
  • Compare and contrast the different authors’ views and conclusions on the issue/problem

Identify Gaps

  • Identify current knowledge of the issue/problem and gaps that need to be filled (refer to the table on page 7 to see what gaps are and how to identify these).
  • Identify the gap(s) your research aims to fill.

Research Aim and Question

  • The research question helps to clarify exactly what it is that you want to find out to answer/address the research issue or problem. It should be constructed in such a way that the aim of the research in improving nursing practice is clear.


  • Based on the literature review of the topic of interest, outline in detail the significance of the chosen nursing practice issue or health problem and applicability in everyday nursing practice (refer to Table 1 on page 7 to see what significance of research means).

Reference List

  • List the research papers you have used using the APA (6th edition) referencing style with 10 references.
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