Bаsеlinе Rероrt fоr Есоnоmiс Dеvеlорmеnt Strаtеgy

You are to write a baseline report for an economic
development strategy. The aim of the assessment is to
demonstrate that you are able to critically assess the
trends, deficiencies, and capacities of a town or city you
are familiar with within the context of economic
development. It is expected that this will include a
selection of secondary statistical data, maps and images
of the area, and qualitative analysis of the historical and
current spatial context of the area.
Trends relates to the changes over time (such as one
census period to another) that you believe provide a
useful context for understanding the unique state of the
town or city you have chosen. Deficiencies relates to an
analysis of the current weaknesses of the location which
you believe need to be addressed to improve the
economic development of the area. While capacities
involves an analysis of the contemporary positive
features of the location that can be drawn on to sustain,
improve, or advance the economic development
trajectory of the location.
To do so you should have regard for each of the
1. Economic context of the area you have chosen
with particular reference to key economic
indicators of the population as well as the
broader economy of the area
2. Physical context of the area, such as the quantity
and/or quality of infrastructure, public realm,
housing, and the wider built environment
3. Social context of the area including but not
limited to demographic information, health and
education attainment, and inequality


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