Assessment Instructions

The Task: The case study for analysis is the Brambles. Your task is to review the resources provided about Brambles Australia  ( and in particular, the Sustainability Report 2016 which has been uploaded. Then:

Use the sustainability phase model and checklist described in the reading by Benn, Dunphy and Griffiths reading to assess Brambles’ current dominant commitment  to sustainability?

How does the organisation use innovation to drive its sustainability practices?

Give your overall impression of the organisation’s performance and list any recommendations for areas for improvement. Clearly identify and justify your comments and recommendations.

We have provided a link to the target organisation’s website, a set of power points and a video presentation by the Senior Sustainability Manager of the organisation to inform your analysis and recommendations. It is however expected that students will flesh out this information through their own research into the organisation, its history, vision, performance and culture.

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