Business Plan

Adventure Tours Australia (ATA) Business Plan

Executive Summary

Hard adventure tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism segments in Australia. However, analysis indicates that, despite the huge growth being recorded, the industry remains underexploited and this creates an attractive business opportunity for Adventure Tours Australia, which is one of Australia’s largest soft adventure tour service providers. This business plan has provided the market feasibility indicates that ATA stands to exploit a huge market opportunity by entering into this market. Hard adventure activities that the company will provide include bushwalking, scuba diving kits, ice skating, ballooning, snorkelling, white water rafting, fishing, cave exploration, biking, bungee jumping, camping, rappelling, sky diving, and other outdoor activities. The customers will consist of both domestic and international tourists with the key target markets being Asia, the UK, Europe, China, India and Japan, North America and New Zealand, the younger generation and the wealthy with enough disposable income to spend on vacation and leisure. The business plan has also elaborated the technical and financial feasibility analysis that indicates that the company has the technological and financial strength to implement the business plan.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 2

1.0 Introduction. 4

2.0 Business Model Canvas. 4

2.1 Target Market 4

2.2 Value Proposition. 5

2.3 Customer Relationships. 6

2.4 Key Activities. 6

2.5 Key Resources. 6

2.6 Key Partners. 7

2.7 Cost and Revenue Structures. 7

3.0 Market Feasibility. 7

3.1 External Factors to Bear 8

3.1.1 Government Policies. 8

3.1.2 Industry Dynamics. 8

4.0 Technical Feasibility. 9

4.1 Technology. 9

4.2 Product Production Option. 9

4.3 Resources for Product Development 9

5.0 Financial Feasibility. 10

5.1 Projected Revenue and Cost 10

5.2 Sources of Finance. 10

6.0 Human Resource Feasibility. 10

7.0 Conclusion. 11

References. 12

Statement of Comprehensive Income

Sales Forecast

Items June 2017-May 2018 June 2018-May 2019
  (AU$) (AU$)
Hot air ballooning, 50,000 90,000
Rock and mountain climbing 20,000 50,000
Sky diving 80,000 100,000
Scuba diving 90,000 100,000
Snorkelling 45,000 120,000
Cave exploration 60,000 75,000
White water rafting 40,000 60,000
Mountain biking 100,000 160,000
Total Sales 485,000   755,000  
Expenses 560,000 125,000
Net Profit/Loss (75,000) 630,000

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