Business Plan for a Restaurant

TEXTBOOK:Small Business Management: Launching & Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures, 16e by Longenecker
Pge 172

An individual project paper is required. The paper will be an abbreviated business plan for a small business that you selected for the assignment in Week 3. Please see Exhibit 6-3, Page 172 for an Abbreviated Business Plan Outline. Use each of the headings in your plan as listed on page. 172.

Your business plan will address the key elements of getting started (implementing) your business, obtaining the funding, and on-going operations. Effective use of material covered in the course (including the weekly assignments questions) and outside research are bases for grading. A brief executive summary should be provided at the beginning of the paper. At least two sources other than the textbook must be used to write the paper. Use proper in-text references to your sources when quoting directly or indirectly, and full end of paper bibliographic references.
The paper should consist of a minimum of 5 double-spaced 12 font pages of content, including the executive summary. The number of required pages does not count the cover page and table of contents.

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