business plan for the Board of Directors of a major corporation contemplating moving to an emerging market

This assignment requires you to write a 2000 word business plan for the Board of Directors of a major corporation contemplating moving to an emerging market.
Your report should research the potential market and build a business case for transition to
this market. Your plan should outline:
1. the current outlook for the corporation and the reasons why it needs to expand from
its current location into a new emerging market
2. the rationale for choosing the new market and an analysis of its prospects
3. a clear entry strategy and a justification for the choice of entry strategy
4. the risks and competitive challenges you will face in your chosen emerging market
and how these might be managed
5. summary recommendations for the Board


Business Plan for the Board of Directors about Expansion to Emerging Market


A few decades ago, businesses were confined in one country despite the competition. The globalization and trade liberation meant the opportunities became available to businesses to pursue (Randi & Haugland 2008, p. 545). However, market analysts argue that it is difficult for foreign companies to make it advanced markets due to presence of established companies which already enjoy better and favorable markets and that future of contemporary businesses lies in emerging markets (Cavusgil, 2008). Following this argument and market research, Qantas Airline has realized that firms which are currently doing well have since expanded into emerging markets. Qantas Airline is also contemplating moving to an emerging market in China through its Qantas-Emirates alliance. Therefore, drawing from literature, this report will present a business plan or cases for transitioning to emerging market, China.

The current outlook for Qantas and the reasons why it needs to expand from Australia into China

      Even though Qantas has been a stronger airline in terms of profit growth, currently the company is facing recovery in its revenue prompting to expand into the markets so as to fully stabilize.  From a company which it’s CEO Alan Joyce had to hire bodyguards as a result of death threat following drops in profit and grounding of some fleets (Freed 2016). In 2016, after five years of financial turmoil and industrial strikes, the company delivered improved dividends and profits that have made it call for an annual meeting to reveal plans for expansion. According to Qantas (2017), in 2011, the airline announced dropped, profits and market share from the previous year, indicating that there was something the company was………….

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