Case 16 American Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown LA

Case 16 American Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown LA


The specific Case for this assessment will be ‘Case 16 American Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown LA’. This case can be found on pages 655-667 of the textbook edition for this course. This individual assignment will involve the development of a written case analysis, for which the expectation is that you (1) identify all important strategic issues, (2) perform whatever analysis and evaluation is appropriate, and (3) propose an overall action plan and set of specific recommendations addressing the issues you have identified.

Your report should be structured as follows and comprise at least the following sections:
Identification of Strategic Issues and Problems
Analysis and Evaluation

Other than the Introduction and Conclusion, the three key sections of your report should be numbered and presented separately. Please use the headings above (and other subheadings whenever appropriate).

Use this case analysis assignment to demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the various strategy tools introduced in the course. At the same time, though, do not try to apply all of the tools. Instead, only apply those tools that you consider key to ‘solving’ the specific strategy case you have been assigned. Each case in the
different cases focus on different sets of issues and problems. It is your task to figure out what they are and how to solve them, using any (some of the) material learned this semester in this course.
Please observe the word limit. The word count applies from the first word of the Introduction to the last word of the Conclusion. Anything beyond the 10% above the word limit will not be read nor considered. In general, please be as concise as possible-and as detailed and comprehensive as necessary.

Assessment criteria:
The assignment will be assessed on the following criteria:

Content (60%)
o Identification and analysis of all important issues
o Correct, clear, and explicit application of course (in conjunction with other) material
o Credibility of strategy recommendations
o Clear introduction and conclusion

o Logical development
o Consistent with instructions

Writing (12.5%)
o Appropriate language, grammar, spelling and punctuation
o Adherence to word limit

Referencing (12.5%)
o Minimum of 10 references using the UniSA version of Harvard Referencing style guide; both in the reference list and in the text, has been appropriately applied


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