Case analysis: Corporate Restructuring of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation

Assignment Title: Case analysis
Case Study text Title : Corporate Restructuring of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation

Assessment criteria (marking rubric) for assessment 2 is available under My Grades, View Rubric.

Read the case and answer the following questions:
1. Analyse the case.
2. Based on the analysis, discuss the recommendations regarding how the change process could have been done more
effectively and/or differently.

1. Analyse the case: Analyse the processes, strategies and actions that were used during the change process (e.g., what
processes, strategies and actions were effective/ineffective). Support your statements with relevant references.
2. Recommendations: Recommendations need to provide detail e.g., How will it be done? What are the expected
outcomes? How will the outcomes be monitored and evaluated? What is the timeline for the implementation? Include
areas such as management, HR, Leadership, OCD, etc. **It is crucial that the recommendations are based on the
analysis. Support your statements with relevant references.
3. An overall mark is allocated for the whole assignment to allow students to use different approaches to suit their personal writing style. For example:
• Do the whole analysis and then describe the recommendations thereafter but based on the analysis.
• l Integrate the recommendations with the analysis. However, it should be clear what information relates to the analysis
and what information relates to the recommendations.
• A minimum of 10 academic references are needed which you have actually used in the assignment.
• The Chicago referencing style must be used.
The assignment needs to include the following technical criteria:
• Table of content that reflects content with page numbers included
• Introduction that provides an overview of the assignment
• Conclusion/summary at the end of the assignment
• An effective academic writing style
• Arguments and statements that are presented in a logical and systematic manner
• Headings and subheadings to provide structure to the content
• References which effectively support the content
• A diverse and up-to-date reference list
**This is an academic document and the technical presentation is expected to be at Masters degree level. A maximum of
5 marks will be deducted if the technical criteria are not met.
Please note that for the assignment you do not need an abstract or executive summary
Your assignment is submitted through Turnitin in BlackBoard.
The marking guide (rubric) for this assignment will be available in your Blackboard unit.

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