Pease read the following case study and complete the 3 assigned tasks
Your restaurant is now open and has been operating for 3 months. You have employed a number of staff; however, you are not sure about your rights and obligations as an employer, especially as you are experiencing difficulties in managing a particular staff member.
Carlo, the Pizza Chef, is a permanent employee. He has caused you a few problems. In fact, last Saturday night he swore at you in front of the kitchen staff when you reported to him that a customer had complained about a poorly cooked pizza. He stormed out of the restaurant an hour before his shift ended and is due to return to work on Thursday.
Recently Frank, a graduate from the TAFE hospitality course, came to see you with his resume seeking full time employment. He is well presented, qualified and polite.
You want to get rid of Carlo and employ Frank as the new Pizza Chef. Can you do so?
[4 marks]
Eddie is a casual employee. He is available ‘at call’ for you and another pizza restaurant in the same shopping mall and responsible for any deliveries required. He doesn’t wear a uniform and uses his own motorcycle.
One day Eddie collides with a pedestrian while delivering pizzas for you. He is unharmed; however, the pedestrian suffered a broken arm.
Discuss your liability, if at all, for the pedestrian’s injuries.
[3 marks]
Rosa has approached you for work. She currently works as a supermarket front end manager. You want to employ her as a full time supervisor in your business but don’t want to pay her the shift penalties prescribed in the relevant award.
If you employ Rosa how is the minimum rate of her pay to be determined?
[3 marks]
TOTAL: 10 marks

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