case study of Ngai Tahu

This assignment is based on a case study of Ngai Tahu, an extraordinary enterprise based in New Zealand. This assessment task requires you to review the presentation by CEO Mike Sang of Ngai Tahu and analyse the organisation in terms of its purpose (mission, vision and strategy), how it is designed in relation to the major contingency factors, and what the organisation is able to achieve.

Essay Question:

Imagine you are a management consultant employed by Ngai Tahu to improve organisational performance across the enterprise. The CEO Mike Sang has asked you to prepare a report to inform senior management about your five key recommendations to enhance organisational performance. Clearly identify and justify your recommendations (by demonstrating your understanding of the theory from Weeks 1-7 and what you have learned about Ngai Tahu).

Guidance for the assignment:
•You must include a title page and include a word count
•Include a Table of Contents page to show the sub-headings used.

•In your introduction you should outline how you will address or approach the question and your conclusion should wrap up your assignment
•Check the marking criteria for this assignment
•You must draw on the theory you have learned to support your argument.
•Include a reference list that is correctly formatted.
•Ensure you save your assignment as a pdf and do not scan it to pdf; otherwise your assignment cannot be marked as it will return a turnitin error.

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