Changing organisational structures due to growth

Assessment Task 1: Case study analysis (30%).

1) Assessment Details. Changing organisational structures due to growth, from the textbook, pp. 134-135: ‘You and Organization Structure’.

Students will read and analyse the questions on the above pages of the text book and answer the questions from p.135. The assignment should be 1,200-1,500 words and presented as answers to each question (not a report, not an essay – just answers the questions) with appropriate APA referencing citing the textbook as the key academic reference. Qs 3, 4, 5 & 6 require you to draw organisational charts with brief explanations of each with a definition and explanation while the other questions ask for discussion and critical analysis. Note that more marks are awarded for Qs 4-6 which require written discussion of your thinking in response to the questions. Tips for the assignment:
– For Q1: there is some helpful material about mission statements on p. 56f.
– For Q2: describe specific job duties which have to be done to achieve the mission of the organisation, such as customer service: taking money, making change, offering online services, handling complaints and refunds etc. Then tie the jobs required with the type of positions you create in the organisation chart. Be as specific as possible about the type of work to be done for each position in Q2. Being very clear about the nature of the jobs to be done in Q2 will help greatly in the kind of organisation charts you design in Qs 3-6
– Expected number of references: one (the textbook).

The objectives of the analysis are to:
• Improve your knowledge of specific concepts and theories of OT
• Develop your ability to apply theories and concepts to practical situations
• Encourage you to consider the effectiveness of various OT theories and models as they relate to organisational functioning
• Develop your skills in research, critical thinking and analysis
• Develop your skills in academic writing

2) Criteria used to grade this task
Marking guide on Moodle.

3) Task Assessor

4) Suggested time to devote to this task
A minimum of fifteen hours.

5) Submission details
Upload to Moodle on the Friday of week 5 by 11:55pm.

6) Feedback and return of work
Marked assignments will be handed back in class within two weeks.
Reference requires at least 5

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