Classify the Organisation’s structure by describing its key dimensions





 Give a brief description of the organisation chosen as an example to illustrate your remarks.  Remember, the purpose of the assignment is to display your depth of comprehension of the issues discussed, rather than extensive details of the organisation used to illustrate your points.


Main body:

Question 1

Classify the Organisation’s structure by describing its key dimensions.  Reference to models described in the literature or other approaches may be used.


Question 2

Explain how the organisation’s  present structure  could be characterised using Mintzberg’s theorem.  Discuss any factors or contingencies which may influence this arrangement.


Question 3

How effective is this structure in enabling the organisation to achieve its strategic direction. Are its goals ends focused or means focused.


Question 4

How does the organisation evaluate its effectiveness?


Question 5

What structural problems or organisational issues do you perceive and in what way does the current structure help or hinder the organisation in addressing these problems?




A summary of the key point and their supporting arguments.




A list of the full citation of your references in alphabetical order. URL’s listed last with date and time of  access.

All discussion must be supported by argument and references to the source text.  Referencing must be in-text and use the Harvard referencing style of Author-Date. Please do not use footnotes.   Text must be Word.doc format in Times Roman font, 12 pt. one and a half line spacing. Assignment size 2000-3000 words.






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