Clinical Reasoning problem or issue related to the management of the patient post cardiac surgery

Assignment Case Study,
Clinical Reasoning

Essay: 2500 words

Weighting: 50%



The aim of this assignment is to encourage you to critically analyse and reflect on a case study you have been involved in and apply the clinical reasoning model (Lovett-Jones 2012). It is hoped that this will encourage you to learn to generate solutions to complex problems encountered in the management of the post-operative cardiac patient.

Task description

Choose a clinical problem or issue related to the management of the patient post cardiac surgery. There must be a clear causal relation between the identified problem and the patient’s surgical procedure and post-operative course. You are required to work through the clinical decision making cycle and examine the process of clinical reasoning. You are expected to explore the case study and the decisions that occurred. Using the clinical reasoning model link the clinical decision making process to current literature. The last part of the essay requires students to reflect on the case study and incorporate recommendations based on current research.

The case study should incorporate:

  • Information on the patient and the situation. The description should be succinct and logical, clearly outlying the relevant problem(s), the patient’s surgical procedure and post-operative course;
  • A review relevant and important information;
  • Processing of information;
  • An identification of the problem or issue;
  • The establishment of a goal;
  • Selection of a course of action. The course of action should be multidisciplinary outlining relevant medical, nursing and allied health priorities for your patient. The major focus of the essay must be nursing. The established goals and course of action should be based on the best available evidence. Reference to the quality of evidence (ie levels I-IV) should be clearly identified. The quality of the evidence should be critically analysed. When present, gaps in the evidence should be identified and managed. Part of this process is identifying how you would use evidenced based clinical reasoning to manage patients in their current situation;
  • An evaluation the effectiveness of the action;
  • Identify and explore potential clinical reasoning errors that may have been involved in the case scenario;
  • Reflect on the process and new learning.



This assignment is to be submitted electronically through Turnitin. The assignment should be 2500 words in length. Assignment coversheet needs to be included in your assignment as a first page (without this your assignment will not be accepted). Marking, moderation and student feedback will be provided electronically based on the below marking criteria, which is in accordance with University assessment policy.


You will be assessed on the:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Conclusion;
  • Written expression;
  • Presentation;
  • Use of literature; and
  • Poster presentation

For a more in-depth criteria, look at the below marking criteria.

Other elements:


  • Use APA 6th edition for the reference list;
  • Ensure that your references have been published within the last 5 years unless specific seminal references;
  • Provide a clear introduction and conclusion to your paper
  • Always refer to the marking criteria, this will assist you in calculating the length of sections in your essay.
  • Cut and paste an Assignment Coversheet with complete declaration and word count (excl references) to the first page of the assignement
  • Type: Assignment – Case Study Clinical Reasoning
  • Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    Weight: 50%
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