Cloud Computing and Virtualisation S-mart

Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

• S-mart stocks more than 50,000 product lines, all based around packaged groceries and perishables like those found in major supermarkets such as Woolworths, Coles, ALDI, and IGA. • S-mart has a very large customer base, which can cause high workload, for staff and IT resources, throughout the year at both unpredictable and seasonal times. • A large amount of data, related to S-mart lines, customers and their purchases, are collected and stored. This data is processed as “big data” on a weekly basis, and results of processing are used to inform both customers and staff. • As S-mart is a large national company, its staff are organised into many teams. Each team is associated with one or more stores. There are many tasks of this business: buying, selling, distribution, marketing, planning, seasonal sales, reports, catalogues, big data analysis, human resources, finance, R&D, security, IT, and so on. Each team is assigned to one of these tasks, and one task can be assigned one or more teams. Questions The above scenario must be used when answering the following questions. 1. Cloud Benefits Provide 5 reasons why S-mart would benefit by using a cloud system? 2. Cloud Risks Provide 5 reasons why S-mart would be at risk by using a cloud system? 3. Cloud Based System Design Draw a design of a cloud based system for storing, accessing, updating, processing, securing, sharing, and publishing S-mart data and information. 4. Design Justifications For each element in your design, provide one or more reasons why you included that that element in your design.

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