Commercial Law – Visit the Melbourne/Sydney Magistrates’ Court in Melbourne/Sydney

Commercial Law

T2, 2015
1. This question is worth 20 marks and represents 20% of the overall percentage for the unit.
2. You must use multiple references for this assignment and either footnotes, intext, or endnotes.
3. It is recommended to check your assignment multiple times before submitting it. Use spell and grammar computer checks, and redraft your assignment multiple times making corrections each time you redraft.
4. This assignment is due for online submission in week 6 by 5pm.
5. One mark will be deducted per day for any late assignments, including weekends. Assignments older than 7 days late will receive a 0 mark.
6. Maximum word limit is 2000 words.


Question 1

i. Visit the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in Melbourne (for Melbourne students) or the Local Court in Sydney (for Sydney students).
ii. Attend one hearing in the civil list involving a business.
iii. Submit a report including a discussion on the following matters:

*Your experience at Court (eg. How did the Court make you feel? What improvements would you make to Court?)
*The layout of the hearing room (eg. What physical features were in the room?)
*The personnel in the hearing (eg. What titles and roles were given to those in the hearing?)
*The types of cases heard by the civil list?
*How one commences and defends an action in the Court?
*The facts of the case you heard (eg. About what was the case?)
*The law governing the case (eg. Provide a discussion of the relevant Act(s)). You will need to research this point)
*How was the law applied in this case? (eg. Provide a discussion of the arguments raised by the parties.)
*The outcome of the case (eg. What was decided? Who won? Why?)
* Your view on the outcome (eg. Did you believe it was a fair decision? How would you have decided the matter and why?)

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