communication within the organisation

This is an individual assignment in which you will analyse and make recommendations about an organisations communication. The report is designed to draw on and integrate the learning’s from the first part of the course where we will be reviewing organisational theories through a communication lens. You will firstly describe the communication within an organisation you are familiar with, such as your place of work, school, sports club, religious institution etc using your own knowledge of the organisation and publically available information. You will then use the theories to analyse the communication and recommend changes based on theory.


This assignment consists of a 1700 word report (including references) which includes:




Identify an organisation you are familiar with


Describe (some element of) the communication within the organisation.




Analyse the communication using at least two theories / frameworks from weeks 1-5.  (40%)


-Do more than just describe the theory


-Show how it applies by providing examples and insights you have about the organisation.


-Discuss insights you gain by applying the concepts


-Present strengths and weaknesses


-of the communication in the organisation


-the theory for understanding the communication




Make recommendations about changes to the organisations communication (40%)


Draw on the theories / frameworks as the basis of your recommendations.


– How would you evaluate the effectiveness of your recommendations?


-What obstacles might you encounter if you were to implement the recommendations?


-How would you overcome these obstacles?


Final 10% for overall structure, flow, connection between sections and referencing

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