comparing and contrasting your two countries on the basis of their economic, employment, population, communications, and transportation

Finland and Portugal

In this assignment, you will be comparing and
contrasting your two countries on the basis of
their economic, employment, population,
communications, and transportation.
You will select two countries to compare from a
list circulated in class and which will later be
posted on the CMS.
For the comparison, you will be referring to the
Euro stat Statistical Atlas –Regional Yearbook
). Specifically, you will be
examining the variables listed in the below table
as specified.
The countries are divided into smaller
units for display of the various
characteristics. These subdivisions are
mandated by the European Union and
are called NUTS (Nomenclature of
Territorial Units for Statistics). Please
read the following page to more fully
understand these units:
Start first by zooming into your two
countries to visually inspect the maps
the patterns and anomalies. Next,
the patterns and anomalies to the
best of your ability. Then, compare and contrast
your two countries, and draw some
You can also refer to the text of the Euro stat
Regional Yearbook (2015)
to compare your country’s data on the
variables with other EU countries.
I am not expecting extensive external referencing,
but aim for at least three references in
total (beyond the references mentioned in this
outline) supporting your observations and/or
5.2 GDP per inhabitant by NUTS3
1.1 Population density by NUTS3
1.4 Average Crude Rate of Net Migration (NUTS3)
Total Fertility Rate: you can find country data at
following link (use the most recent year):
1.2 Old age Dependency Ratio (NUTS3)
4.7 Youth Unemployment Rate (NUTS2)
8.3 Regular use of Internet (NUTS2)
11.3 Share of Agriculture in the Economy (NUTS2)
Geography of Europe
Country Comparison Assignment
Report Contents
You will be writing a report which should include the following elements.
[6 marks]
introducing your countries, listing the variables
covered in your report and their significance, and
describing the spatial units
(NUTS region for example) for each variable that you are observing. You need to check the legend for each variable to view the NUTS
level mapped. This introduction should be extended and be at least two
or three paragraphs in length.
Map Observation
[10 marks] of the maps listed above and describe
in writing (text only). You do not need to include the maps in
the report, unless there is a special aspect you would like to highlight.
Pattern Explanation
[5 marks]. A short explanation should be provided
to account for the patterns observed above for 5 (five
only) of the individual maps
(can be from either country). For example, for the
population density map, you
may want to compare the density pattern with the physical geography of the
country, as there will be sparser population in the
mountainous areas. Apply knowledge gained from the course lectures and textbook. You could also compare
relevant variables (maps) between urban and rural areas. Try your best.
Comparison of Countries
[15 marks]. Here you will compare
the patterns observed and described above for your
two countries on each of the
8 variables.
[4 marks]
Also there are 5 floating marks (includes comments
in text). Total: /45 marks, converted to
/20 marks.
Report Format and Evaluation
Please prepare a report with the above content that
is 15 pages in length maximum, in 12pt
font, and double spaced. Your assignments will be e
valuated as per the mark allocation
above and on the basis of the accuracy of your interpretations as well as the clarity of your explanations and conclusions. The discussion and conclusion are important sections of the report. Organization, spelling and grammar, and formatting (cover page and page numbers)
will also be considered in the grading of the assignment. Add full references for any sourced material (see course outline) and provide the name
of the websites before the URL.

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