Conference Paper The 21st Century Health Professional: Learning in Action

Assessment 1: Presentation and Conference Paper

You have been invited to present at a national conference on facilitating learning in clinical settings. The conference aims to assist clinical supervisors and educators develop a deeper understanding of the factors that enhance student learning in clinical settings. The theme of the conference is “The 21st Century Health Professional: Learning in Action.” Your topic is: Models and strategies of clinical facilitation: effective learning and teaching processes for the 21st Century. You will locate your presentation and discussion in your discipline area of expertise.


Your paper will clearly demonstrate your knowledge of the contribution to learning in the clinical setting made by different models of clinical facilitation and it will clearly demonstrate your knowledge of effective learning and teaching processes. You will reference appropriate literature thus demonstrating a thorough and rigorous analysis of current issues in facilitating learning in your clinical environment; and you will identify implications for practice in the 21st Century.


Your assessment task has two parts


  • A conference presentation. Your presentation may be in the format of your choice for example, Prezi, PowerPoint, but must adhere to the 10-slide maximum (including reference slide).

Because you only have 10 slides you will need to focus on the central elements of your presentation.  Remember the presentation does not stand alone- it accompanies your paper. This means that it does not need to be filled with text- just the key points. A PowerPoint presentation is a bit like a road map for your audience.


  1. An accompanying 2000 word paper for publication in the Conference Proceedings. Papers must be submitted using the following structure:
  • Title Name of paper/presentation. Make this as engaging as you can
  • Author You
  • Affiliation (Position and where you work)
  • Keywords (4 – 6) These are listed underneath the abstract and allow the reader to find your paper when searching the literature
  • Abstract N.B. An abstract should be no more than 150 words and is included in the word count. Tip: Write the abstract first as it provides you with a plan for your paper. Then review it once you have written your paper. Does it reflect what you have written? Does it need to be changed? Does your paper need modification?
  • Background, including reference to appropriate literature.  This is where you start. What is the issue that you are addressing in this paper and why does it matter? Remember- people are busy and we need to convince them that attending our presentation and reading our paper is worth their investment of time
  • Paper aims and intent Describe succinctly what you are aiming to do in this paper. Here is an example from a paper I have just had published. “This paper evaluates the use of a real time, web based ePortfolio program in social work field education and assessment.  Findings from this study may have implications for other allied health disciplines in which assessment of work integrated learning is central and where the use of ePortfolios remains low. “


  • Methods / approach This section describes where and how you obtained your data for the paper. Are you reporting on an intervention/model/process in your workplace? Are you reporting on a review of the literature?
  • Results / discussion This is where you describe and discuss your findings and their significance/insignificance (it is just as important to know what doesn’t work) in understanding the factors that enhance student learning in clinical settings
  • Conclusions / Implications This is your opportunity to pull it all together and discuss implications for your CLE, other heath settings, and clinical education in general. Remember never to introduce new material into your conclusion. Further, it is always helpful to highlight areas for future investigation.
  • References, using APA 6th Edition Please refer to the style guide


The paper expands the material provided in the presentation slides and should provide a detailed description of appropriate literature demonstrating a thorough and rigorous analysis of current issues in facilitating learning in the clinical environment.

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