Construction Technology

Question 1

a- Mention the advantages and disadvantages of the load bearing masonry wall construction and


b- In this task it is mentioned to suggest and write aboute suitable foundation, walls, floor and

roofs. Please write about raft foundation because it is suitable in our country and the others

suggested by the writer, but it should be suitable in your country.

c- characteristics of any five materials for the construction.

d- Explain specifically the quality control procedures of these materials, the quality control

procedure should be explained as the quality control method for construction material not any

quality control method and please write specifically and not in a general way.

Question 2

Explain the issues that should be mentioned for redevelopment of the brownfield site.
I have send an attached an example of the project Not the same but it is similar of it you can get some idea of some question ..Please follow the instructions in assessment brief if you have any questions please ask and let me know asap. Much appreciated.

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