Consultancy advice for Jaguar Land Rover

Assignment Information

This assignment requires you to write a report and original assignment answering the following question/s:

Consider the following hypothetical scenario in regards to Jaguar Land Rover.

Due to consistent falls in demand in Europe, JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) is considering moving parts of its production from the UK to a country with an emerging economy (in addition to China) in 2015. They are considering Brazil, South Africa, and Turkey as potential options for achieving higher returns. Choose one of these countries to discuss.

Jaguar Land Rover has employed you on a consultancy basis to advise them with regards to the following issues and how those issues can be overcome:

1. How country cultural differences may affect current organizational culture and its operation
2. What Human Resource Management issues might the company face in opening and operating a new facility overseas?
3. With regards to motivating the new workforce what if any differences might there be with regards to the motivational method used compared to those employed in the UK?
4. What type of leader and leadership is required to successfully open and run effectively this new production facility?
5. The diversity issues that the company may encounter?

This is a hypothetical scenario – therefore you need to reflect back on all the subject areas covered in this module as well as using your analytical skills to complete the assignment.

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